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About the painting

I owe my interest in painting in large part to my grandmother, Julie Zourides.

My Yaya enjoyed tinsel art and oil painting, and she was a member of the Lancaster County Art Association in my native Pennsylvania.

A number of her paintings received awards, among them an oil painting of an Amish boy rollerblading.

A few months ago, looking through family photo albums, I made a surprising discovery.

I found the photo of the rollerblading boy that inspired her painting, along with other images my grandmother captured of life in Lancaster County during the early 1990s.

In one of the photos was me and my brother standing in front of a field, bundled up from the cold. Evidently we’d tagged along when the photos were taken!

I might have been 8 or 9 years old at the time. I had no idea I’d been present for this moment!

I also found a different farm scene from the photoset that captured my eye, and I wound up painting a picture inspired by it. The photo shows a farmer working his field, with a barn and silo to the right and various properties in the background.

It was special, as I painted, to consider how my grandmother continues to impact and inspire me, and it was special to be able to step back into my past.



This is a limited edition Giclee print from my original watercolor, “Paradise.” Prints are printed on 100% Cotton Rag paper using pigmented dyes. These prints look exactly like the original and are expected to last a lifetime.

Prints come matted in white, unframed, and ready to be framed in a standard frame.


Helping a good cause

A portion of the proceeds from every sale of this print will be donated to Lancaster County Food Hub, which aims to help community members in need through food, clothing and shelter. The organization feeds nearly 100,000 people, on average, each year. For more information on Lancaster County Food Hub, click here.

“Paradise” print

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